What’s more in, wide plank or narrow plank flooring?

As you survey different options of hardwood flooring, there are a lot of details to contemplate – colors, wood types, cost, etc. Another consideration is the style and width of plank hardwood flooring. The width and style has a tremendous impact on the look and feels or your remodeling project.
With that in mind, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you decide what’s best for you; wide plank hardwood or narrow plank hardwood.
Wide Plank Hardwood vs. Narrow Plank Hardwood –
Plank is just one type of hardwood floor style, along with parquet, strip, and others. Plank floors are typically boards between three and eight inches of width. Narrow plank board is considered towards the lower end of that spectrum while wide planks are on the higher end. Besides their width, they are essentially the same.
Wide Plank Flooring
Wide plank flooring is considered the oldest type of hardwood flooring, and this continues to give a classic rustic feel today. Since these type of boards are wider, wide plank flooring tends to show off more of the wood’s grain and other signature details such as knots.
Although the overall cost of wide plank flooring is cheaper than that of narrow planks, it is somewhat harder to get a tight fit between the boards. This is not recommended for smaller spaces, as it can make a room feel more cramped.
Narrow Plank Flooring
Narrow plank flooring is often used in rooms that have a contemporary or modern feel. This works particularly well in small space that needs to be opened up. Although narrow plank flooring tends to be easier to maintain, the installation of a higher number of boards means that the cost of labor and materials is much higher than wide plank flooring.

So which type of flooring is more “in”?

Your flooring decision is based off a variety of factors, such as room type, use of space, as well as the size of your space. Many homeowners and businesses alike are opting for random widths. This actually involves the use of planks that are either 4” to 6” inches in width or 6” to 8” inches in width. Random widths are increasingly growing in popularity today because of its unique appeal and versatility with almost any room or style.