How Often Should You Recaulk Your Bathroom?



Depending on your lifestyle preferences, your bathroom may be purely functional and utilitarian, while others prefer to create a relaxing oasis. Regardless of how your bathroom space is used, many components need to be maintained to ensure its continued function and safety. One of the major elements this includes is bathroom caulking.


The main questions is: How do you know when it is time to re-caulk?


What exactly is caulk?


Caulk is a flexible, thick, adhesive type of material that acts as both a sealant and a glue. This is applied across joint that are exposed with the use of a caulking fun. This material cures as it is applied.


Caulk is used for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Along faucets and sinks
  • Around the height of the tub where the tile meets
  • Where the tile meets the ceiling
  • All around the bathtub and its joints
  • Along bathtub faucets and shower heads
  • Where the bathtub meets the floor
  • Where the vanity meets the backsplash
  • Along the top of the backsplash where it meets the wall


How long does caulk last?


As a general rule of thumb, caulk has a life span of about five years. A number of things can affect the actual time of replacement including; the quality of caulk that was applied, the way that it was applied, condition of the surface at the time of the application, any pre-existing mildew or mold, intense humidity levels, as well as cleaning practices.


Signs That it is Time to Recaulk


Regardless of how carefully you take care of your bathroom or the quality of materials that you use, your caulking will need to be replaced at some time. But how do you know when this time is?


Look for these telltale signs:


  • It is older than five years.
  • It cracked or dried out
  • Caulk is missing or peeling
  • There is mildew or mold beneath the surface.


If you experience any of these signs within the first 12 months, the caulk used may not have designed for bathroom use.