How Do I Care For My New Granite Countertops?

What is Granite?

Granite is a hard stone formed from volcanic magma. Because of its hardness and durability, granite is a popular building stone and for use in homes. Granite ranges in beautiful natural colors. In order to preserve your granite countertops natural beauty, its necessary to protect it as you would any other home investment.

Basic Cleaning

Regular maintenance or cleaning on your granite countertop should be performed with a microfiber cloth. Spills from acidic substances like fruit juices, coffee, and wine should be cleaned up immediately. This won’t etch the granite-like it may with marble countertops, but there is a possibility of them staining the surface.

At least once a week, wipe down your granite countertops using a stoner cleaner specially formulated with neutral PH levels and a damp cloth. Avoid high-grade chemical cleaners as well as abrasive cloths or pads. Harsh cleaners can often scratch or mark the stone permanently, while regular soap can cause a build-up and reduce countertop shine.

If any oily stains have soaked into the surface, make a poultice out of baking soda, flour, dish soap, and water. This should be a very creamy consistency similar to that of yogurt. Place directly over the stain with plastic wrap and leave overnight. Gently rinse and dry thoroughly.

Seasonal Maintenance

Granite countertops should be sealed regularly. If you’re not sure if your countertops are ready for their seasonal sealing, splash water onto the surface. Observe if the water beads up or flows freely. If the water no longer beads then it’s time to reseal your countertops.

Your countertops should be examined at least once a year. Inspect areas to ensure that there is no shifting or cracking near the seams, inspect for scratches and stains. If you notice any damage to your countertops, contact a professional for repair. Delaying treatment can lead to more expensive costs or even the need for a replacement if ignored. These daily and seasonal care steps help to keep your granite countertops in like new condition while preserving the quality and longevity of your investment!