Energy Efficiency for Older Homes



If you live in a home that is consider to be older or even historic, then you are familiar with energy efficiency challengers.


If you struggle with keeping your older home energy efficiency, follow these energy saving tips!


Get a Home Energy Audit


The purpose of a home energy audit it to assess just how much energy your uses and identify areas of improvement. An independent audit is often the best way to go because it is purely informative and the auditor is not focused on selling a product.


Start Small


After you receive your energy diagnosis, you will know exactly areas you can address to ensure energy savings. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Purchase thick curtains to help insulate your windows
  • Add weather stripping to windows and doors
  • Insulate plumbing and your hot water heater
  • Install shower head that are low-flow
  • Add insulation to your attic and basement


Replace Your Windows


If you notice your home feeling draughty or just feel like heat and cool air escapes too quickly, it might be time to get your windows replaced. If you can, upgrade to double-paned windows. These feature and insulating pocket of air and can increase your energy efficiency up to 50% than single-paned windows!


Energy efficiency may seem like an uphill battle in your older home, but just know that you are not alone! Plenty of people deal with homes that are less than energy efficient on a daily basis. The best thing that you can do is slowly address areas of concerns. Little efforts can often go a long way with energy efficiency!


If you want to know areas where your home can improve, don’t wait! Get a professional audit today and start your journey towards energy efficient living.